Estonia summer 2016 part 1of2

Recently i spent a fantastic week in Estonia. A beautiful combination of summer weather and not being in a hurry for few days 🙂

I made some photos of the trip, where you will not see any kind of “must see places” which can be founf in every tourist catalogue, just random shots.

The first part is from Tallinn and surroundings, you may recognize some places 😉

Tallinn Teletorn

Tallinn Teletorn

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eMaks is hosted on Linux server

Starting from today 26.8.2015 eMaks moved to Linux (Debian) server.

Thanks to WAMP, eMaks was hosted on Windows Apache MySQL and PHP for about a year without any major issues. I can present a proof of WAMP being “OK” for production environment with relavely low activity. It can work, yes, but performance is bad, no surprize here. Thus moving forward to Linux. Hello new era!

Linux Debian

Papenburg Feb 2015

Recently I had a beatiful business trip to Papenburg and spent few hours to walk down the city.
Papenburg is located in North West Germany:

The end of the winter or beginning of the spring are probably not the best times to do photoshoot of that small but beatiful town, but in any case here are some results of my photo session 🙂

Clicking on the pictures will open them in bigger size.


Papenburg windmill Feb 2015

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